When I started my journey in 2020. I just wanted to lose weight I felt bloated tired stressed and unmotivated to do anything about it. I wanted my clothes to fit the way they used to and just to be healthier overall. Don and his Fisher Fitness machine were introduced to me by a friend. Don was phenomenal in his explanation of how he could help. I learned from him to be more honest about myself and my goals, what my deficits are, how to eat without depriving myself,and accountability. He reiterated that every day is an opportunity to do better than the last. His incremental 2-week practice intervals took care of that.
My calls with him every 2 weeks to track my progress was helpful as otherwise, I forget everything. It helped me to drill down on my reasons for doing things and reminded me to focus on the important things that will make me successful in my practice. When I did my measurements and saw my progress over time it motivated me to do even more. The weekly virtual workouts are an essential part of the program, it challenges you to be active and that movement is important to your success and is just another component to the goal you want to achieve. This is overall the best decision I have made in the last year and I give it my wholehearted endorsement. IT'S AWESOME!