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Do you want to burn body fat?

Here's an interesting concept for you, to reduce your body fat and total body weight, part of that process is eating more often, not less. 


I know, it seems backwards, but let me elaborate. Generally speaking, if you consume less energy than you exert across the day, that’s considered being in a “caloric deficit”.  When we eat food, our body absorbs the food for its nutrients to then be used for energy by burning calories. Calories are a measurement of the amount of energy released from a food or beverage when absorbed and metabolized in the body.  To be clear, when it is suggested to exert more energy than we take in, this does not mean we don’t eat at all.  

Throughout the day, we are either anabolic (muscle building) or catabolic (losing muscle). This process takes larger structures like proteins, fats or tissues and breaks them down into smaller units such as cells or fatty acids.  Essentially, if you’re catabolic, your body is using your lean tissue for energy and holding on to fat. 

Another thing to consider is when we are eating regularly, we can actually increase our energy output across the day as the result of the Thermic effect of food.  Again, food and beverages contain energy and for our body to metabolize the food we eat, it expends energy to do that.

The 3 big things we can do to increase our energy output on the day is eat more often, exercise, and move more throughout the day when we are not exercising.

If you’re not ready to get back into the gym, focusing first on getting 7-9 hrs of sleep, eating more frequently, and moving more during the day will yield fat loss results and ultimately weight loss without stepping foot in the gym.  This comes with consistency though!  

Building muscle is a different story, but right now, if you’re looking to lose weight and burn fat, incorporate the 3 action items above into your routine, and 30 days from now, you will see results IF done consistently!

Would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you may have!

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