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nutrition coaching

Founding Principles of Nutrition & Lifestyle Change: $160.00 Per Month

  1. Nutrition Coaching Delivered via online account or mobile app for iPhone and Android devices

  2. Before program start date, you’ll receive a reference packet with portion sizes(how to eat for your goals), meal prep(how to put your plan into action), a grocery list(choose what you want to eat), and how to eat pre and post workout

  3. Scheduled Bi-Weekly, 15 min Coaching Calls during first week of each new habit to set expectations and answer questions about what you’re working on

  4. Receive daily email reminders to Check-in and practice current habit

  5. In addition, you’ll have access to resources with each habit to reinforce your understanding of why you’re practicing your current habit 

  6. Food Journaling tool where you can take pictures of meals and upload to your  account for your coach to see

  7. Submit Body composition measurements to track progress. Weight and Girth measurements, and Progress pictures

  8. Mon-Fri Office Hours 9-10am where you can send messages with any questions you may have.

  9. All Questions are answered during office hours or Coaching Calls

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