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The Compounding Effects of Exercise

We all get busy and life happens so this is totally valid! However, the one vehicle we get in life that is with us from the day we are born until the day we die is our own body. We do not get a 2nd one. We can’t go to the dealership and lease or buy a new one. That said, how well we take care of ourselves matters and believe me, the earlier and more consistent we take care of ourselves makes a difference!


Our quality of life is dictated more by our behaviors than our biological age so this is even more of a reason to act with urgency when it comes to our health.


I saw a video clip recently of Kobe Bryant who is a hall of fame basketball player and arguably the best basketball player ever or at least in the conversation with Michael Jordan. He was talking about his training regimen compared to other players. He stated how players will wake up and eat breakfast and then be in the gym for their first practice session around 10am. Then they will have a late afternoon/evening practice and that’s it for their day. He would wake up at 4am and be in the gym for his first practice session of the day around 5am. He would then go home and eat breakfast and relax and then hit the gym again around 10am. Then he would have another session between noon and 4pm and then finally, an evening session.


After one day, compared to his peers, this isn’t a huge difference, but this routine, consistently done over years, will blow away his competition. After just 30 days of training, Kobe would have completed 120 training sessions compared to his peers who would have completed 60 training sessions. Again, this is just 30 days. Let’s multiply this by the amount of years he played and his effort greatly outweighs his competition. There is no way for them to catch up.


We are now in the 4th quarter of the year and one of the justifications we will give ourselves to not workout right now or start making changes to our health is that we will do it in January. We will start the new year off fresh. Considering Kobe’s example above, if you were to start right now completing 3 training sessions per week, come January 1st, you will have completed 33 workouts! Those who wait until January will be completing their first workout and you will be 32 workouts and 11 weeks ahead of them!


My encouragement for you is to not wait! Don’t put your health on hold. The thing is, you are the direct beneficiary of your behaviors. If you begin a training regimen now, you will directly receive those benefits. If you continue on with bad habits that may be present in your life, you will also be the direct beneficiary of those as well.


As one of my colleagues says, “what we do in secret, will eventually show itself openly”.

I would love to hear where you're at in your fitness journey. Are you in the midst of it, just starting up, not sure how to get started?

Comment below!

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